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Playoffs Legends: Larry Fitzgerald & Sam Shields

This week's Playoffs Legends are Larry Fitzgerald & Sam Shields.

Redeem Legend Collectibles and their various Player items for their Elite Legend editions.

Also look for their Elite Legend edition in Packs for a limited time!

Football Outsiders: Wildcard

Collect this week's Football Outiders Players and Collectibles and redeem for an Elite Football Outsiders Richard Sherman Player item

Flashbacks Update

Two new Flashback Players are now available!

Colin Kaepernick is available in Flashback Packs

Luke Kuechly is available in packs for a limited-time only

Badge Monster: Marcell Dareus

New Badge Monster, Marcell Dareus, now available in the Burn Badges Category.

NFL Playoffs

Look for Player Items from the 12 Playoff Teams in Packs now!

Collect all 10 Player Items from each team to redeem their Team Leader Player Item.

Collect all 12 Team Leader Player Items to redeem the Man of the Playoffs - 97 OVR Tom Brady!

MUT Watch simulates the fun and excitement of opening Madden Ultimate Team packs.

 Every Saturday is Legendary at mutwatch. Open the MUT Watch Legendary packs to pull some of the game's greatest players.

 Every Sunday you can open Mega Packs. Mega Packs contain many items no longer available in standard packs!


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