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Ultimate Legends: Shockey & Long

Ultimate Legends: Jeremy Shockey & Howie Long are now available.

Look for their various Player Items and Ultimate Legend Collectibles.  Redeem for their Ultimate Editions.

Boss Editions in Packs for a LTD time!

NFL Movers

NFL Movers Group 7 is now available.

Look for Gold and Elite Players in Packs now. Redeem in Sets for Elite Players and Group Heroes.

Ultimate Tickets

The second batch of Ultimate Ticket Players are now available.  Look for these 99 OVR fan-created Cards in Packs now!

MUT Watch simulates the fun and excitement of opening Madden Ultimate Team packs.

 Every Saturday is Legendary at mutwatch. Open the MUT Watch Legendary packs to pull some of the game's greatest players.

 Every Sunday you can open Mega Packs. Mega Packs contain many items no longer available in standard packs!


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