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Campus Hero Update

Latest Campus Hero: Freshmen now in Packs.  

Use Campus Collectibles and Freshman Player Editions to redeem for Campus Heroes

Campus Legend Golden Tate III also available in Packs for a LTD time!

Season Stars

Group 8 Season Stars Players are now available in MUTWatch Packs.  Collect all four Group Players and redeem for the group Heroes.

Group Heroes are also available directly in Packs for a LTD time.

Ultimate Legends: Strahan & Mawae

This week's Ultimate Legend Sets are Michael Strahan & Kevin Mawae.

Redeem Ultimate Legend Collectibles and their various Player Editions for an Ultimate Legend Edition.

Boss Editions are also in Packs for a limited time. 

All-Rookie Offense

Offensive All-Rookie Players are now available.  Find these Elite Rookies in Packs or earn with All-Rookie Collectibles.

Collect all 12 Offensive Rookie Players and 10 Collectibles for All-Rookie Master: Ezekiel Elliott

NFL Combine

NFL Combine Players and Sets are available on MUT Watch now through March 26th.

Redeem Elite Combine Players for Combine Masters.  Elite Combine Players can be found in Packs directly, or you can earn them with NFL Combine Collectibles.

Combine Masters are also available directly in Packs for a LTD time!

MUT Watch simulates the fun and excitement of opening Madden Ultimate Team packs.

 Every Saturday is Legendary at mutwatch. Open the MUT Watch Legendary packs to pull some of the game's greatest players.

 Every Sunday you can open Mega Packs. Mega Packs contain many items no longer available in standard packs!


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